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During week for your ICTs for Learning Design class we must post a reflective blog post on the”Mobile phones wiki” exercise. This is mine. Concerning the task In order to reflect upon the function of cellular phones in schooling we are required to read a few funds and bring about a wiki. The gifts to the wiki are coordinated using de Bono’s six thinking hats. Reflection on my learning Mm, not too good. When I visited the Wiki there wasn’t any information, so I contributed drawing on some tools I found and left it at that. I have just gone back to the wiki to see what’s evolved and there is a lot more info on it from a variety of folk. The problem is, however, that my contributions are no longer showing up and are seemingly not clear in the”history” of this Wiki. This expertise has limited my learning, at least in relation to what was possibly expected. Maybe not in some small part because I’m feeling somewhat frustrated by the entire experience. Both due to the clear technical issues robbing me with a learning experience but also because I’ve an overall belief that Wikis restricted to members of a course aren’t really wikis. Though my current frustration be creating an overly negative manifestation. One thing I’ve Page not found – PhonesWiki discovered is that Wikis aren’t necessarily successful if there isn’t any on-going use of the information. As an example, if I had finished this reflection yesterday after initially contributing to it, then I would never have benefited from seeing insights from other people. The exercise could have been little different from developing a blog post. Even now, with donations from other people, I wonder just how much the use of the Wiki has contributed to merging and enhancing ideas. Or have students simply looked for bits that are not there and added as their contribution. The pupils seem to have add their initials (e. g. (DJ)) to their contributions. Maybe what the experience has bolstered is that”the characteristics of this wiki design” encompass a variety of distinct measurements, for example, essence of the technologies. The Moodle wiki is pretty bad from a few perspectives, particularly because it’s closed off within the program website. But additionally includes how it is implemented within a specific context, and it seems that there have been problems with this particular course wiki. The relation to the sequence of learning, or the way that it’s introduced/connected. In this case, the sequence of learning has been speaking about”learning style frameworks” like engagement theory etc and how we could use those to design courses with ICTs

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